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Tax preparation services for:

  • Employees, employees earning commissions and incurring employment expenses (auto, tools, equipment etc.)
  • Self-employed individuals (Sole Proprietorships & Partnerships) – including bookkeeping services and GST, WorkSafe filings and other compliance filings
  • Individuals with investment income and or rental properties
  • Personal Tax Planning
  • Specialty tax work such as tax analysis and opinion, various elections under Income Tax Act


  • Corporate tax filing, T4/T5/T4A filings, GST, PST, WorkSafe and other regulatory and compliance filings
  • Corporate Tax Planning (dividend policy, Part IV tax etc)
  • Controllership/CFO and accounting department oversight
  • Specialty tax work – section 85 rollover and various other elections under tax act
  • Federal Film and Provincial tax credit claims
  • Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit

Services for Non Resident Business and Individuals:

  • Tax preparation for non-residents individuals receiving:
    • Canadian pension income
    • Rental income and resource property income from Canada
    • Employment and self-employment income earned by employees commuting across border Including employees on work visa in Canada
    • Income earned by foreign diplomatic employees living in Canada
    • Employment income earned by foreign postdoctoral students subject to tax treaty exemption
  • Other services for nonresident individuals:
    • Clearance certificate preparation for nonresidents disposing of rental or resource property
    • NR4, NR5 and NR6 preparation for nonresident individuals
    • Old Age Security Return of Income preparation
    • Tax consultation services for individuals emigrating/immigrating to Canada
    • Tax treaty research and consultations

Services for nonresident businesses:

  • Corporate tax and other compliance filings for non-resident companies doing business in Canada or cross border
  • NAFTA Treaty tax exemptions and Treaty Based Waivers (ex. Regulation 105):

Services for Trusts and Estates:

  • Preparing tax returns for estates and deceased individuals (date of death returns/ rights and things tax returns)
  • Preparing T3 tax returns for Trusts (Inter-vivos such as family trusts), estate trusts
  • Trust and estate tax planning

Other Tax Related Services:

  • Handling CRA disputes such as Notice of Objection and CRA appeals process
  • Assisting with CRA audits and responding to auditors
  • Preparing tax payer relief application, communicating with Collections department
  • Preparing voluntary disclosure application for non-filers
  • Tax preparation for individuals and corporations who have not filed taxes in several years