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About Nick Barnjak

CPA, CGA based in Vancouver, BC

The word Certus in ancient Latin means certainty, trust and reliability. The world of accounting and taxation is beset with complicated rules that keep changing all the time. Whether you are business or an individual being able to navigate the complex regulatory landscape is crucial to your success. Our mission is to deliver tax and accounting services you can rely on and advice you can trust to help you navigate complex business or life situations.

Certus tax accounting is owned and managed by Nick Barnjak CPA CGA. Nick has over 12 years of experience working in public practice. Nick has extensive experience working on tax and accounting issues with small and medium sized businesses across a wide range of industries and oversees accounting departments of several companies in a controller/CFO role.

Nick is also experience with various personal tax matters. In addition to tax preparation and tax planning Nick has extensive experience working on nonresident/cross border tax issues and helping multi-year individual and corporate tax non-filers comply with CRA filing requirements. In addition to tax and accounting background Nick also has a degree in physics and mathematics and enjoys number crunching and meticulous data gathering. Prior to entering field of accounting and finance Nick spent some time teaching math and physics and he has an ability to explain difficult topics in simple terms, a skill which he has transferred to his work with complicated tax and accounting rules. When not number crunching Nick enjoys photography, film and reading.

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